Solutions to "Learning Genetics Can be Fun!"

DNA test review sheet:

Daily Info:

Sept. 7:
Handed out course outline, student info sheet.
Sept. 8:
Went over Safety Powerpoint (found below). Handed out "Bio 122 Safety Assignment". Safety Quiz tomorrow.
Sept. 9:
Went over Safety Assignment. Wrote and graded Safety Quiz. Homework question: Why must cells divide?
Sept. 12:
Began Genetics Unit. Notes from "Mitosis" Powerpoint (found below). Read section 10-2.
Sept. 13:
Continued with mitosis, did review. Handed out Guided Reading on 10-2.
Sept. 14:
Started meiosis PPT. Handed out GR on 11-4
Sept. 15:
Lab day on mitosis!
Sept 16:
Finished PPT on meiosis. Worked on GR.
Sept. 19:
Reviewed meiosis. Addressed questions about lab.
Sept. 20:
Began Mitosis and Meiosis Comparative Diagramming.
Sept. 21:
Continued M&M diagrams.
Sept 22:
Handed out test review for mitosis/meiosis and cell cycle. Continued with M&M diagrams.

Safety Powerpoint:

Genetics, Part 1/3:

Genetics, Part 2/3:

Genetics, Part 3/3


The review questions:

Dynamic Equilibrium:

Neuron Quiz: